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Why You Might Want to Choose a Tankless Water Heater


In our previous blog post, we talked about some of the signs that it may be time to replace your water heater. What you might not know is about all the options you have for that replacement, such as a tankless water heater.

More and more homeowners are choosing this option because of how much energy, and space, they save… in addition to a number of other benefits.

At the end of the day, if you want to enjoy all that modern living has to offer, you have to have an effective water heater in your home. You may as well go with one that best serves your specific needs. Read on to learn if and how a tankless system may be just what you need!

Getting the Job Done

A tankless water heater gets the job done! It may sound like a made up machine–how can a water heater heat up a tank of water, without a tank?!

Well, it doesn’t actually need a tank. You see, a tankless system is also called an “on-demand” water heater. The reason for this is that when a hot water tap is turned on in your home, or an appliance demands hot water (like your dishwasher or clothes washing machine) the heat exchangers in the tankless system start heating up.

Then, the water travels from the main water heater, over the heat exchangers–where it picks up the heat–and into your faucets and appliances. How does this all benefit you?

Saves Energy

Like we mentioned above, a tankless water heater saves energy. In fact, they are very energy efficient. This is because they don’t struggle with what’s called standby heat loss like a tank water heater does.

Standby heat loss is when not all the hot water gets used in a tank, and it cools down, only to need to be heated up again. Essentially this means the heat exchanger is coming on far more than it needs to.

A tankless system eliminates this problem. That said, there are also different tank sizes for traditional storage water heaters, and this is worth your consideration as well.

Saves Water

Ever notice how sometimes you have to wait a bit for the water to turn from cold to hot when it’s coming from a tank water heater? This can happen if its in the process of refilling, or if the water inside of it has cooled down.

This doesn’t happen with a tankless water heater, which means that you’re not just letting water go down the drains unused. So, you’re utilizing your water better!

They’re Reliable

When you use a storage-tank water heater beyond its capacity, it runs out of hot water and leaves you waiting for more, as we mentioned above. With a tankless water heater, however, you won’t have this issue. The tankless water heater continues to produce hot water for as long as you need it!

One Tankless Factor to Keep in Mind

A tankless system can be overwhelmed. For instance, if two people are taking a shower while your dishwasher and your clothes washing machine are operating, then the tankless system may not be able to keep up with how much water is going through it.

However, this can be resolved by having two tankless systems, with one specifically for your bathroom(s). It can also be resolved by having a small tank water heater in addition to a tankless system.

We’re happy to go over all your options with you!

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