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Serving the South Puget Sound and Western Washington Areas Since 1976

Serving the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas Since 1976

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Olympia, WA Thermostat Services

Owning a great thermostat is essential to both efficiency and comfort. Today, manual and sliding thermostats are no longer capable of the programs and features that only come with a Wi-Fi enabled or smart thermostat. Smart thermostats grant you ultimate control over your heating and air conditioning systems, giving you the tools you need to save money on your monthly energy bills. So, if you currently own an old, outdated thermostat, consider an upgrade! 

Sunset Air offers comprehensive thermostat services for homeowners across Olympia, WA and the surrounding communities. We install and service a variety of different thermostats, including programmable thermostats, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, and smart thermostats! We carry only the best in brands to ensure your satisfaction. So, give us a call today to learn more about the systems we offer. 

To learn more about upgrading your thermostat, contact the team at Sunset Air today! 

Why Your Thermostat is So Important

When it comes to the comfort of your home, few components are more important than your thermostats. Your thermostat allows you to determine precisely when and how you heat and cool your home. Without a great thermostat, your heater and air conditioner would render quite useless, or at the very least, operate quite inefficiently. This is why it is important to invest in a thermostat capable of providing the programs and features necessary to boost comfort and efficiency, ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your heating and cooling systems. 

The Benefits of Upgrading

Investing in a smart or Wi-Fi connected thermostat is the best way to change the way that you interact with your HVAC systems. The thermostats on the market today offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Accuracy: Wi-Fi/ smart thermostats are extremely accurate, never leaving you to question whether the temperature you’re reading on the display is correct. 
  • Programming: The programming capabilities of a smart thermostat allow you to create a heating and cooling program based around your personal schedule. In fact, many of these systems are able to learn your preferences within a week of installation in order to create the most efficient program for you. 
  • Remote Capabilities: You can access your Wi-Fi connected thermostat from anywhere in the world with either a smartphone, tablet, or computer. So, no more worrying about forgetting to adjust the temperature before you step out of the house! 
  • Environmental Adjustment: Many smart thermostats have the ability to analyze local weather conditions in order to make adjustments based on things like heightened humidity and unexpected temperature fluctuations. This helps to preserve a comfortable environment indoors without wasting any energy. 

It is important to hire a professional for your Wi-Fi thermostat installation and replacement services. Our technicians will be sure that your new thermostat is properly installed and can even give you tips on how to use it most efficiently and effectively! 

Trust Us For All Your Thermostat Services

Sometimes, the issues that you’re experiencing with your heater and air conditioner are actually caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. It is for this reason that your thermostat requires regular maintenance and repair services. Our technicians are trained to locate and correct any issues that may arise with your thermostat in order to keep it working as it should! 

We understand that there are many different smart thermostats on the market today, each with different features and capabilities. But, when you consult with one of our experts, we will be able to match you with the system that best meets your comfort needs. We carry Nest thermostats, which are an industry leader in home comfort and efficiency. All you have to do is click or call to find out more about your options!