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Serving the South Puget Sound and Western Washington Areas Since 1976

Serving the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas Since 1976

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Water Heater Services in Olympia, WA

We rely on our hot water heaters everyday for bathing, laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning, which is why owning a great water heater is certainly not optional. You need a water heater that can keep up with your home's unique hot water demands. And, with so many water heater options on the market today, you are going to need help finding the right one for your home. You need the right team of professionals to install and service your new system. 

Luckily, Sunset Air offers comprehensive hot water heater services for homeowners across Olympia, WA and the surrounding areas. We offer everything from installation and replacement to repairs and maintenance, so no matter what your needs are, you can count on us. We truly believe in creating a comfortable and efficient environment inside every home, and our water heater services allow us to do just that. So, be sure to contact our team when you are in need of these services! 

For comprehensive water heater services in your area, contact the team at Sunset Air. 

Your Water Heater Options

Choosing the right water heater for your home can certainly be a little overwhelming, which is why it is important to consult with a professional before you make any final decisions. Here at Sunset Air we install and service:

  • Tank Water Heaters: Tank water heaters are the most popular option. By heating water and storing in a reservoir tank, hot water will be readily available right when you need it. 
  • Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters do not store hot water. Instead, they heat water as needed, which is why the are also commonly referred to as "on demand" water heaters. 

Is it Time for Water Heater Replacement?

Knowing when to replace your current water heater can be a little tricky. But, there are plenty of signs that indicate it’s time for a replacement. Consider water heater replacement if:

  • Your system is more than 10-15 years old.
  • Your system requires frequent repairs. 
  • Your system is unable to keep up with your household’s hot water demands. 

Remember, if you feel like it’s time to replace your water heater, be sure to speak with one of our professionals. An older, outdated water heater is simply not going to be as efficient or effective as a newer model. 

Don’t Skip Out on Water Heater Repairs and Maintenance 

Even the most efficient water heaters are going to require repairs from time to time. If you are having trouble re-lighting your pilot light, notice signs of corrosion, hear strange noises, or if you aren’t getting enough hot water, it is time to contact our team. Sunset Air offers hot water heater repair services to get your system back up and running in as little time as possible. 

Remember, in addition to scheduling prompt repairs, it is also important that you schedule water heater maintenance services on a regular basis. Maintenance is the best way to ensure that your system is working efficiently and effectively. Plus, it allows you to avoid costly repairs and untimely replacements!