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Signs That You May Need Professional Window Repairs

One of our specialties is window and door services. Homeowners often don’t realize how much their windows and doors contribute to their home’s overall comfort and efficiency. The truth is though, they provide the insulation needed to keep heat inside during the winter when you’re using your furnace or another heating system, and they keep the heat out in the summer when you’re trying to stay cool.

That is, if they’re in good shape!

When you think of “window damage” you might think of a baseball-sized hole in the glass. This isn’t quite what we’re talking about, though. We’re talking about something much more subtle, like a door or window that has settled lopsided in its frame and is letting drafts in or out, therefore not letting your home comfort systems work as efficiently as they otherwise could.

Read on to learn more!

Signs That It’s Time for a Window Upgrade

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s probably time for you to give us a call to find out if a window upgrade would benefit your home.

Moisture Is Getting In: Have you noticed condensation around the edges of your windows? While one possibility is that the humidity is too high in your home, another very real possibility is that your windows have lost their sealing over the years.

When rainwater and other moisture types are able to get inside, it increases the risk of mold and mildew growth in the living space, which can make household members ill.

Now, you might not see this moisture in the form of droplets–you could instead be seeing foggy windows, and sometimes this is normal! Think about when you take a hot shower on a cold day and your mirrors fog up, that’s what can occur when you’re running your heater on a humid day.

But again, if you’re noticing this a lot, it could definitely mean it’s time for window replacement.

The Windows Have Become Harder to Open or Close

Have your windows always opened and closed with ease, yet you’ve discovered that lately, this is not the case? Over the years, due to moisture and age, the frames of the windows can begin to warp, making it harder for the windows to fit within the frames properly.

As a result, you might notice that those windows are either harder to open than usual, or even harder to close.

Your Utility Bills Have Increased: Have you noticed that your energy bills seem to have spiked compared to what you paid this same time last year? This is a sign that something in your home is working inefficiently. Usually, it’s one of both of your HVAC systems to “blame.”

But, what if your HVAC systems are brand new, or at least they’re very well maintained? Then what’s to blame?

Well, it could be drafty windows and doors! If your energy bill increase is coupled with a lack of comfort and an uptick in dust, dirt, pests, and other debris in your home, it’s definitely a sign it’s time to look at your window options.

Contact Sunset Air today for professional window repair in Olympia, WA.

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