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Tips for a Successful Front Door Replacement

Are you planning a home remodel of some kind this year? If so, you may be thinking of replacing your front door. Maybe your current one is drafty, sticks in the doorframe due to age, or maybe it’s just not as aesthetically pleasing as you’d like. Whatever the case, this probably seems like a straightforward purchase… but you’d be amazed by the options you have!

With that, we have some tips for you to follow when replacing your front door. Read on!

Consider Your Overall Budget

It may seem silly to spend a lot of money on your front door, but allocating a little more of your budget than you planned on to your front door can actually be really smart.

Doors with insulation, for instance, are going to help your home comfort systems perform more efficiently, lowering your energy bills throughout the year. On the other hand, you might like the idea of glass in your doors, so less insulation.

Our experts can go over all your options with you to help you determine the best option for you and how it can fit into your existing remodeling budget.

Consider the Materials

The three most commonly used materials for front doors are wood, fiberglass, and steel. If you’re going for aesthetic appeal, then fiberglass may be the option you want to go with. But if you want durability and want your front door to last for the years to come, you may consider steel.

Ultimately, your front door should match your personal style, your home’s architecture, and your budget!

Consider Insulation

We alluded this to above, but all the doors within your household serve as insulation when they’re closed. A high-quality front door won’t just prevent the transmission of heat, but that of sound, too.

A professional door installer, like a member of our team, will know how to locate and seal any problem areas that could harm the door’s insulation properties. We look forward to helping you!

Consider Longevity

Front doors that are not properly installed simply cannot be energy efficient, plus they will have shorter useful lifespans.

A door that is crooked, or too big for its doorframe will scrap up the doorjamb and potentially even your floor too. Plus if the hinges aren’t secured the right way, the weight of the door can begin tearing from the frame, causing damage.

These are all factors that could increase wear and tear on your front door, making something that should have lasted for decades to fall apart in a handful of years. For a long and healthy lifespan for your front door, you want to trust a pro for your installation or replacement.

Work With a Pro!

In case this wasn’t evident from above, we really encourage you to work with a professional for your front door installation or replacement. We are highly trained and experienced in helping our customers make the best decisions for their specific homes, whether it’s in regards to efficiency, durability, or aesthetics. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have!

Contact Sunset Air today for professional door installation in Tacoma, WA!

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