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Should I Consider a Wood Stove?

Friday, October 31st, 2014

If you’re looking for a new heating option in Olympia, WA, a wood stove may be the perfect option for you. Wood burning stoves are often overlooked by homeowners looking for a new way of heating their homes. But utilizing a wood stove can save money, reduce pollutants, and keep you cozy and warm through the night. Learn more about some of the benefits of installing a new wood stove in this guide.

Comfort and Design

Many people prefer the radiant heating of a wood stove to other forced-air heating systems like furnaces. That’s because a woodstove allows heat to move in all directions and fill the room, rather than blowing heat into a space like with forced air systems. Besides, the design of a wood stove conveys a comfort of its own. It’s often the rustic centerpiece of a room, a focal point by which family members gather and converse after a long day away from home.

Clean and Efficient Heating

Wood stoves do not burn fossil fuels to generate heat, which is why many homeowners choose these units to not only save some money but also feel better about their environmental impact. Modern innovations in the technology used to manufacture wood stoves makes them far more efficient today than they were years ago. In fact, according to the U.S. EPA, if you replace an older wood stove or fireplace with a new more efficient model, you can save up to 50% on energy costs and release 70% fewer particle pollutants into the air. And the health benefits for your home are important as well, as newer models reduce indoor pollutants as well.

Choose Professionals for Installation

No matter what your reasons for installing a new wood stove or replacing an older one, you should always rely on heating specialists for a job well done. Wood stove installation involves many factors, including a few safety measures and calculations that could prove dangerous without previous expertise. Professional installation will help the job move more quickly and prevent problems caused by faulty sizing or other inaccuracies.

To discuss your options for heating, trust the Olympia, WA heating experts at Sunset Air.

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What to Expect from Your Wood Stove Installation

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

A wood stove is an eco-friendly and wonderfully romantic way to heat your home, saving you money on monthly heating costs without impacting the environment in the process. Here in Olympia, WA, heating with a wood stove makes a lot of sense. It appeals to the rugged individualism in our area: providing cheap warmth and a romantic atmosphere even when the power goes out. You should always rely on a professional to install a wood stove in your home – the process can be quite complicated and the stove itself probably weighs a great deal – but you can educate yourself so that you know the stages involved. Here’s what to expect from your wood stove installation in Olympia, WA.

Before the installation begins, you and your serviceman will need to determine the right location, which includes the sizing and placement of the chimney as well as the presence of any potentially challenging components in the nearby walls. Your service technician will also need to fill the proper paperwork and take care of similar red tape in order to ensure that the new wood stove is up to code.  Finally, he’ll need to deliver the stove itself, as well as any additional components and installation equipment.

Depending on the kind of home you have, your technician will need to ensure that the floor and surrounding area is protected from radiant heat: installing a foundation of stone or concrete if necessary. The same principles hold with anything near the path of the chimney. Once he adds the wood stove and safely installs the chimney, he’ll probably need to add other safety features, such as a smoke detector in the nearby area and perhaps a stovepipe thermometer as well. When installation is completed, he’ll double check everything and run a fire in the heater to ensure there are no problems such as a leak in the chimney.

If you live in Olympia, WA, heating with a wood stove may be an attractive option. Sunset Air is ready to help. We can tell you what to expect from your wood stove installation service, then perform the operation with courtesy and care. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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