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Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems


When it comes to potential energy sources for your home, most people are familiar with natural gas, solar, oil, and electricity. While these are the most well-known options, many homeowners aren’t aware that geothermal energy is an option for heating and cooling their homes.  

If you haven’t considered the benefits of a geothermal heat pump in your Lacey, WA home, listen up! The benefits of geothermal systems are numerous, especially for those who are interested in the ultimate eco-friendly method of heating and cooling a home. Keep reading to learn about these systems and how they’ll benefit your home.

What Is a Geothermal System?

Although geothermal systems have been around since the 1940s, their popularity has been skyrocketing. Geothermal systems operate in the same way as heat pumps which pull warmth from the air. The downside to heat pumps is that they’re entirely dependent on the outside temperature. When it gets too cold outside, their performance can suffer.

But instead of accessing warmth from the air, a geothermal system taps into thermal energy beneath the ground. The temperature of the earth is relatively constant and remains between 45° F and 55°F. Geothermal systems take advantage of these favorable temperatures to become both highly efficient and dependable by harnessing the heat from the earth through a ground heat exchanger. 

Do Geothermal Systems Provide Both Heating and Cooling?

They do! It might seem counterintuitive for a system with “thermal” in the name, but they do in fact provide cooling. With the increasingly hot summers we’ve been having in the Pacific Northwest, the air conditioning benefit is a decided advantage in homes that don’t already have central air. 

You might be wondering how exactly geothermal systems cool a home when it’s hot outside. 

  • When temps outside hit the 90s or triple digits, a geothermal system taps into that much-cooler ground temperature. 
  • When it’s in cooling mode, a geothermal heat pump simply reverses the direction it moves heat. 
  • Instead of drawing heat from the earth to heat a home, it removes heat from inside the home and deposits it in the earth. 
  • This is one of many reasons why geothermal systems are so efficient.

Benefits of Geothermal Systems

There are many benefits to a geothermal heating system such as:

  • Affordability: Although the initial installation of a geothermal system is costly, it’ll save you money over time. Geothermal systems are a great investment if you’re planning to hold onto your home.
  • Longevity: Standard heating and cooling systems last for 20 years at most. When you choose a geothermal system, you can expect it to last between 25 and 50 years depending on the type of system.
  • Eco-Friendly: If you want the ultimate green choice for your home, then a geothermal system is definitely for you. They can operate without producing any carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases and they utilize sustainable and renewable energy sources. You’ll feel great knowing how much you’ve reduced your carbon footprint!

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the benefits of geothermal. For comprehensive geothermal system services, contact the team at Sunset Air to get started. 

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