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3 Reasons To Always Turn to a Professional AC Contractor


Have you ever complained about problems with your HVAC system to a friend, family member, or neighbor? We’d wager that a lot of the time, their response will be, “I know someone who can help with that.” You might be tempted to let an amateur take a look at your HVAC system. You reason that after all, it might not hurt.

Well, we feel like it’s our duty to tell you that doing so can result in a lot of hurt. Not only could tinkering with your expensive HVAC system result in damage to it or voiding your warranty, but it could also result in physical harm to you, your family, and your well-intentioned friend. Let’s go over the reasons why you should always turn to professional, licensed, and insured AC contractors

1. Licensed and Insured

Let’s say you let the “friend of a friend” into your home to work on your air conditioner. What happens if they slip and fall on your property? You could be looking at a potential lawsuit.

Any reputable HVAC contractor will have licensed and insured technicians and employees. This means that in the event of any type of accident in your home, the HVAC company’s insurance will kick in. 

Being licensed and insured is also proof that you’re hiring someone with the skills and expertise to get the job done. An HVAC contractor must pass testing or an accredited program to prove their competence to receive a license to do business, and their license must be renewed on a regular basis to ensure the minimum requirements for staying in business are being met. 

2. Don’t Void Your Warranty

If your air conditioner is under warranty, one of the requirements of the warranty is that only licensed and insured HVAC technicians are allowed to service it. That means you could potentially void your warranty if an amateur attempts to fix it and messes up the job.

Not only are you potentially looking at not having the system protection that a warranty provides, but you’re also responsible for the damage they did in an attempt to fix it. A professional knows how to uphold and maintain your warranty. Amateurs don’t. 

3. Repairs are done correctly and quickly.

All that training, experience, and expertise that a professional HVAC technician possesses work in your favor. Because they have so much experience, they’re familiar with a lot of different systems and can identify the issue no matter how unusual it may be. 

When that happens, you can rest assured that the problem will be expertly diagnosed and fixed. You won’t have to worry if the work that was performed was shoddy. This is preferable to dealing with an amateur who’s only guessing at what’s wrong. You’ll often receive multiple choices for how to proceed with a repair or replacement so you’ll have options depending on your goals and budget.

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