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Serving the South Puget Sound and Western Washington Areas Since 1976

Serving the South Puget Sound and Southwest Washington Areas Since 1976

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Olympia, WA Window Installation & Replacement Services

Ready to upgrade your home with windows that are both beautiful and energy efficient? Our team offers professional window installation and replacement services to help with your remodel, replacement, or new construction project. 

Sunset Air offers comprehensive window services for homeowners across Olympia, WA and the surrounding communities. We understand the importance of comfort and efficiency and strive to achieve both through every service that we offer. We are committed to your satisfaction and we will not quit until you are satisfied with our work. All you have to do is call or click today to get started! 

For Olympia, WA window installation and replacement services in your area, contact our team today

Olympia, WA Window Installation Services

When it comes time to have new windows installed in your home make sure that you call for a window installation professional. Installing new windows is much more complex than it sounds -- they must be a precise fit to ensure that your home is efficient and comfortable. iF you’re looking for window installation in Olympia, WA, you’re in the right place!

Our team installs Milgard and Lindsay Windows & Doors, as these products are among the best in the industry. The’re durable, reliable, and quite pleasing to the eye. To learn more about these products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you all about them! 

Olympia, WA Window Replacement

There are quite a few signs that suggest it’s time for window replacement: 

  • Sun damaged furnishings: If your once vibrant furnishings have become dull, it could mean that your windows aren’t keeping out enough sunlight. New replacement windows will be able to protect your home and your furniture against sun damage.
  • High energy bills: If you notice that your energy bills are costing you more, it could be an indication that your windows aren’t very efficient. Inefficient windows allow heat to get in and out of your home, and therefore, replacing them with efficient windows is the best way to decrease monthly spending. 
  • Windows won’t shut: If your windows are sticking or are difficult to open and close, it could mean that they are old, weathered, or damaged. We can help you find replacement ones that fit your home’s style and your budget.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our team. We’ll help you determine the best steps forward towards replacing your windows in Olympia, WA for optimal efficiency, comfort, and appearance.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Windows 

There are tremendous benefits to getting a window replacement: 

  • Safety: Old windows that aren’t tempered can break into large, razor–sharp pieces that are very dangerous. When you replace them with new windows, you eliminate potential safety hazards. 
  • Efficiency:  New double–pane windows offer homeowners a huge energy improvement. Double-pane windows are able to resist heat transfer much more than older windows. 
  • Appeal: Another huge benefit of replacing your windows is that it will improve the look and feel of your home.

Don’t hesistate to call our team when you want to upgrade. We specialize in new windows, window retrofits, window repair, and even conversions (helping you transition from wood windows to vinyl windows). We’ll make the process stress free.