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You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade If…

If your electrical panel displays any of the signs we’re about to highlight below, then it’s probably time to give us a call for an upgrade. This will improve home safety as well as functionality.

More on that in a minute!

Also referred to as the circuit breaker panel, this is the central hub of your entire electrical system. It’s the central location where incoming electricity gets routed to the different circuits, and the breakers are designed to shut off those circuits if there is a voltage overload. But when your electrical panel gets too overloaded, it can cause problems such as causing electrical shock or even fire.

Modern circuit breakers can last a long time–about 25-40 years in most cases. But the electrical panels of yesterday don’t last as long. Read on for the signs that you need an electrical panel…

What You Actually Have Is a Fuse Box

This isn’t common, however there are still some older households (those built prior to 1960) that still use them. In a circuit breaker panel/electrical panel, a breaker is tripped when there is excess voltage. But when there’s excess voltage in a fuse box, a fuse gets blown.

This sounds fine, but actually, fuse boxes are pretty dangerous. Not only are electrical panels after, but they’re more convenient as well.

Your Home Hasn’t Had an Electrical Upgrade in 25+ Years

Have you lived in your home for more than 25 years? Aside from your initial home inspection when you purchase are started renting your home, if your electrical panel hasn’t been checked, now is the time. Safety is a concern, as is electrical capacity.

Circuit breaker boxes that are 2-3 decades old or older can handle about 60-100 amps of voltage, but newer electrical panels can manage up to 200 amps. This is much more suited to the rise in electrical demand we’re seeing in households, from charging stations, computers, and the increased number of electronics.

Your Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

The last thing anyone wants to do in their home is make routine visits to their electrical panel throughout the week in order to reset tripped breakers. If this is happening with just a single circuit, then you probably have a problem when whatever appliance is hooked up to it, or it could be a wiring issue.

If it’s a wiring problem, you’ll definitely need electrical repair, but potentially not an upgrade to your panel. If, however, you have multiple circuit breakers that keep tripping, then you’re probably looking at an upgrade need.

Your Lights Keep Flickering

Your home is probably not haunted. That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that this usually indicates small power surges within the home. People often assume that power surges are only caused by storms, but they’re actually typically caused by a sudden voltage spike in your larger appliances, such as your HVAC systems or clothes dryer.

You can try to redistribute appliances and where they’re plugged in to see if this resolves your flickering lights. But if it doesn’t, we encourage you to call our team about a potential electrical panel upgrade.

When you need a trusted electrician in Puyallup, WA, look no further than Sunset Air. Contact us today!

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