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Why Your Olympia Home Needs Generator Installation


If you lost power in the latest storm that blanketed the Pacific Northwest with several inches of snow, perhaps you’re giving serious thought to finally having a whole home generator installed. It’s no secret that snow and wind storms that are severe enough to knock out power to thousands of Puget Sound homes are becoming more frequent.

Being without power is bad enough, but losing power during a storm that brings freezing temperatures and powerful wind gusts is even worse. A whole house generator can help get your family safely through our increasingly troublesome, bothersome, and downright dangerous winter weather.

Perhaps you’re new to generators and aren’t sure if a portable model will suit your needs. Or you might’ve tried portable generators and are frustrated by their inconvenience and limitations. In either case, read on to learn about why your Olympia, WA home needs generator installation.

Keep Your Entire Home Powered On

Let’s face it: when your power is out for more than a few hours, it’s not enough to have a portable generator powering one or two appliances. Think of all the things you lose access to when the power goes out:

  • No hot water
  • No heating 
  • No stove or oven for cooking
  • No lighting
  • No internet 
  • No television
  • No security system

With a whole home generator, it’s almost like the power hasn’t gone out. It allows your home to function as it normally would with the basic necessities: heating, lighting, hot running water, and working appliances. 

Automatic Standby Generators Turn On When You’re Not Home

The power doesn’t always go off at convenient times, like when you’re already at home. It can be several hours or even days before you’re able to get home during a winter storm. It doesn’t take long for food to spoil in a home without power.

That’s where the genius of whole-house generators comes in super handy. The moment your power shuts off, the whole house automatic generator immediately turns itself on to keep your home supplied with power.

Standby generators have an automatic transfer switch that constantly monitors the flow of electricity through your home. When the power goes out, the switch activates the generator and switches the home over to use its power output. 

Hands-Off Convenience

A whole house generator is hooked up to the natural gas line that runs into your home from the municipal source. This means you don’t have to worry about maintaining it during a power outage like you would with a portable generator. You won’t have to keep fuel on hand. You won’t have to buy more fuel during a power outage along with everyone else in the area. And you won’t have to go out in the freezing cold to keep refilling the fuel. 

Keep Your Home Safely Powered

Although portable generators aren’t inherently unsafe, there are still risks involved with their use. Potential safety issues include carbon monoxide poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, and the risk of fire. Whole house generators keep your home safely powered and ensure your peace of mind during stressful power outages and winter storms.

Don’t wait any longer for professional generator installation. Contact Sunset Air and the next time the power goes out, we’ll make sure that you’re ready for it.

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