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Why Use Professionals for Door Installation

Door installation is widely viewed as a sort of simple procedure by most people. Measure door frame, buy properly sized door, install door. As long as it opens and shuts properly, and isn’t crooked, it’s as simple as that. Well, actually there’s a little more to it than that. You see, a door is actually a pretty vulnerable spot for your home in terms of insulation. If the door is truly installed properly, then it can insulate almost as well as the rest of the house. If it is installed poorly, however, it can result in your home losing a lot of heat during the winter or letting too much in during the summer. Let’s take a look at why you should trust a professional to install your doors for you.


As mentioned above, all the doors in your home serve as insulation when closed. A good quality door will not only prevent the transmission of heat, but that of sound as well. This is especially important with any exterior doors, which can vent too much heat into or out of the house if they are low quality or improperly installed. A professional door installer will know how to find and seal any cracks that may harm the door’s insulation properties, something that can elude even the most observant homeowners whom don’t know what to look for.


Improperly installed doors aren’t just energy inefficient, they have shorter lifespans as well. A door that is crooked, or too large for its frame will scrape the doorjamb and even the floor. If the hinges aren’t secured properly, the weight of the door can tear them from the frame and cause damage. There’s all sorts of little things that can increase wear and tear on the door, making something that should have lasted a generation or more fall apart in a few years. If you want your doors to have a long and healthy lifespan, have a professional install them for you.

If you’d like to know more, contact Sunset Air. We provide door replacement throughout the Puyallup area.

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