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Why Is Size an Issue for Heating Replacement?

Getting a new heating system for your home is a great opportunity to increase your comfort and energy efficiency. However, if your system isn’t sized correctly for your home, you most likely won’t see these benefits. Many people go by the “rule of thumb” that square footage is all you need to properly size a new heating system. While the square footage of your home factors into sizing, it isn’t the only item to consider. Working with a trained heating professional can help you with sizing, choosing and the installation of your new system. If you are ready to take the next step toward heating installation, call Sunset Air today!

Why Does Size Matter?

Your home needs a certain amount of heating to be comfortable and energy efficient. If the heating in your home isn’t adequate, you’ll be chilly and your system will run constantly in order to achieve the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat. Conversely, if the amount of heating your system provides is too much, your home will heat too quickly, possibly making your home too warm too fast. You may also see short-cycling develop, where your system turns on and off rapidly. Short-cycling can wear down the components in your system, potentially leading to overheating and breakdown. The bottom line: it’s best for both you and your home to have a heating system that is the correct size.

Heat Load Calculation

Doing a heat load calculation is the best way to determine what size heating system you’ll need for your home. This calculation includes several factors that all contribute to understanding how much heat your home needs throughout a day. Some of the factors included in a heat load calculation are:

  • Your home’s orientation
  • Number of windows and doors, and what type they are
  • Insulation levels throughout your home
  • Number of occupants
  • Number of rooms
  • Floor plan
  • Square footage

As you can see, there are multiple other factors to include in a heat load calculation beyond the square footage of your home. Missing these factors can lead to purchasing and installing an incorrectly-sized heating system, which is not to your benefit.

If it’s time for a new heating system in Olympia, WA, call the people you can trust to help you choose, install and maintain your new system: Sunset Air.

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