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Why Is It Important to Schedule Heating Maintenance?

The leaves are turning, and with autumn comes cool days and even cooler nights. You may not have turned your heating on yet, but winter is coming, and one of the best ways to prepare for winter is to schedule heating maintenance in Olympia, WA. Heating maintenance provides a number of benefits for you and your system, but to truly gain the benefits, maintenance should be performed by a trained and certified professional. For over 35 years, Sunset Air has helped hundreds of customers with their heating maintenance, repair and installation, and we can make sure your heating system is ready for winter this year. Call us today!

What Happens During a Heating Maintenance Appointment?

Here is a quick overview of what your technician will do during a heating maintenance appointment: 

  • Conduct thorough inspection of entire system
  • Clean, adjust and lubricate all parts as needed
  • Check burner assembly/pilot light
  • Conduct safety checks
  • Test system for performance
  • Inform customer of any problems or issues discovered during appointment

What Are the Benefits of Heating Maintenance?

Heating maintenance offers several important benefits: 

  • Better energy efficiency – when your system is dirty, dusty and has worn parts, it can’t operate at the level of energy efficiency it was made to. During a maintenance appointment, components are adjusted, lubricated and cleaned, allowing them and your system to operate optimally.
  • Helps prevent future repairs – the thorough inspection your system undergoes allows the technician to discover any existing or developing problems. Additionally, small items like worn fan belts and frayed or corroded wiring are repaired during the appointment. These actions help you get ahead of potential problems, as well as to prevent small issues from developing into big issues.
  • Extends life of equipment – when any mechanical system operates for a long period of time under stress due to lack of maintenance, premature aging can develop.  When your system is in good working order, it runs as it should, which helps elongate the life of the equipment.

Heating maintenance helps improve the overall operation of your system. Schedule your heating maintenance in Olympia, WA, call Sunset Air today!

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