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Why Is a Home Energy Audit Important?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pinpoint the exact areas of your home that are driving up your energy costs throughout the year? You can do this with a home energy audit. A home energy audit will pinpoint exactly where your home is losing energy and then provide you with recommendations to remedy any problems that are found. The result can be an increase of energy efficiency as high as 30%. Home energy audits have to be performed by trained experts, so if you are interested in seeing what one can do for your home in Centralia, WA, call us today!

Testing and Inspection

A home energy audit is a thorough process that is broken down into two essential phases: the inspection and testing phase, in which a number of tests are conducted to find energy loss, and the analysis, in which the results of the inspections and tests are tabulated, and recommendations are given to resolve any problems that have been found during the inspection and testing process. Some of the types of inspections and tests conducted during a home energy audit include:

  • Visual inspection – our trained expert will thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, to get a clear, overall picture of the state of your home.
  • Inspection of all insulation – insulation can become damaged and settles over time, so it’s important to see the state of your home’s insulation.
  • Inspection of attic area – attics are notorious for wasting energy for a number of reasons, including lack of ventilation and insulation. This inspection will give the technician a clear picture of what is happening in your home’s attic space.
  • Inspection of HAVC systems and appliances – this inspection allows the technician to detect any existing or developing problems with your heating and cooling system and major appliances.
  • Blower Door Test — the blower door test pinpoints the exact areas of air leaks in your home by using a specialized fan that depressurizes your home.
  • Infrared Scan — infrared technology allows the technician to clearly see areas where moisture has penetrated based on temperature. Moisture in your home can cause a number of energy efficiency problems.


Once all inspection and testing has been completed, the technician will tabulate the results; he/she will also analyze 12 months’ worth of your energy and utility bills to assess how much money you’ve been spending. At the completion of the analysis, you’ll be given a full report detailing all the findings; you’ll also be given specific recommendations on how to fix any problems that were found.

Have concerns about your home’s energy efficiency? Then consider scheduling a home energy audit in Centralia, WA with a specialist from Sunset Air.

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