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Why Does My Heat Pump Need Twice-a-Year Maintenance?


When you suspect you need heat pump repair, you might be wondering if it’s because of “user error.” As a homeowner, there are certain things you can do that’ll help prevent your equipment from breaking down. 

You might be wondering why we’re talking about heat pump repairs in a blog about maintenance. It’s because the two are interconnected. Let’s take a look at why a heat pump needs bi-annual maintenance and how getting this important service done is something that’ll stave off repairs.

Why do heat pumps need twice-a-year tune-ups?

Homeowners who’ve switched from a traditional central HVAC system are often confused by this. For decades, you’ve been told that those check-ups are only needed once a year. You might suspect that the HVAC company is trying to pull a fast one on you.

If you’ve had a separate furnace and an air conditioner, think about it this way. You had your furnace tuned up once a year and you also had your AC tuned up once a year. So really, you had maintenance done twice a year, once for each system.

As you know, a heat pump is a 2-in-1 system. In fact, it was quite possibly the major selling feature! With the purchase of your heat pump, you replaced two systems with one. Nice!

It’s because a heat pump supplies BOTH heating and cooling that it needs maintenance twice a year. It doesn’t have nearly as much downtime as a separate AC and furnace. It’s your home’s workhorse, and it needs to be rewarded with bi-annual maintenance.

What’s the connection between tune-ups and repairs?

This factoid should grab your attention: 70-80% of the repairs we perform are on systems that haven’t received regular tune-ups. So getting back to the first sentence in this blog, if your heat pump needs repair, when was the last time you had maintenance done?

If you can’t remember of if the answer is “It’s been a while,” then it’s quite possible that the lack of maintenance has led to the repair need. 

What are the other benefits of bi-annual maintenance?

We’re glad you asked! There are so many other benefits of routine checkups. The first is that it’s the best way to ensure that your heat pump lasts for as long as intended. That 10-15 year estimated lifespan? It only applies to systems that receive regular maintenance. By skipping out on tune-ups, it’s almost inevitable that the lifespan will be shortened. Tune-ups are an investment in your system.

The other benefit is that you’ll enjoy increased performance, home comfort, and lower utility bills. During tune-ups, your technician goes through an extensive list of items to check and test to ensure they’re working properly. 

By making sure your heat pump is a well-oiled machine, it’ll run at peak performance. You’ll notice the airflow is strong and cool, that it achieves your desired temperature quickly, and that your utility bills are where they should be.

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