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Why Is My Air Conditioning System Making Those Weird Noises?

ac-repairTake heed of that noisy AC. It’s not just acting up for the sake of annoying you and your family, we promise.

A loud system that shakes, grinds, bangs, whirs, hums and so forth is a system that needs professional attention sooner than later. And please don’t wait! The sooner you hire a pro to evaluate, the sooner you can get back to comfort and peace of mind. While you should fully expect your AC to make a certain amount of noise based on the age and type, excessive noise is a clear indicator that something’s wrong.

For air conditioning services in Puyallup, WA, you know who to call: Sunset Air! But read on for some more info about what the heck is going on with that noisy AC of yours.

Sounds to Watch Out For

Keep an ear out for any of the following noises. While your system will make some sound during operation, it shouldn’t be too loud or sound like:

  • Banging. Of course, your technician will need to locate the precise source of the banging, but, generally speaking, this is likely a loose or damaged part of your ductwork. Your HVAC ducts are subject to wear and tear over the years just like other parts of your home, and one section may have come loose.
  • Grinding. A grinding sound is typically an indication of mechanical friction in the compressor. Since the compressor is such an important part of the cooling process (it compresses already gaseous refrigerant into a very hot state), it will easily and mercilessly shut down your cooling. Get it checked!
  • Buzzing / Humming. Ever walked past a utility pole or power station and heard a buzzing or humming sound? If you hear this near one of your HVAC units (indoor or out), then get it checked out. Electrical problems are not fit for the untrained, so contact a qualified technician to diagnose the problem.
  • Clanging. It’s from your outdoor unit, the large outdoor fan that pulls heat out of the refrigerant and into the air surrounding the unit may be broken. You may have noticed the size of those fan blades, so please keep that in mind before attempting to take a look by yourself. A clanging sound inside could indicate a loose component or possibly even some debris that has found its way into the system.

What to Do with Your Noisy AC

It’s fair to say that doing nothing will not help. The longer you wait to call for repairs, the closer your system gets to total breakdown (unless it’s broken down already!). A professional technician will quickly and comprehensively address the problem by coming to your home, evaluating the problem, and then mitigating according to industry standards.

If you don’t already have a service agreement with us—which means your system is regularly tuned-up—then give Sunset Air a call. We’ll make certain that your air conditioner is fixed correctly!

We want to be your service provider of choice. Contact Sunset Air today for professional AC repairs, 24 hours a day.

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