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Why a Humidifier May be a Good Idea This Summer

Washington isn’t exactly a desert climate, so at first the idea of installing a humidifier in your home may seem a bit daft. Why add more humidity to a hot season, right? Well, if you know a bit about how air conditioners work, it is not actually that crazy. Let’s take a look at why it may be a good idea to install a humidifier in your home this summer.

Air Conditioning and Humidity

Though they are not designed for it, air conditioners actually have a sort of dehumidifying effect on the air in their homes. This is because the air conditioner cools the air around itself past the dew point during operation, which siphons moisture out of the air as well as heat. While this is not enough to noticeably affect the humidity levels in the air at first, if the system is allowed to run for many hours it can start to cause problems. Low humidity is just as bad as high humidity when it comes to maintaining your health and comfort.

The Problem of Low Humidity

If the humidity levels in the air around you are too low, your skin and the membranes in your nose will dry out and crack. These are some of your body’s primary defenses against disease, which means that it will be easier for you to become infected if they are compromised. Low humidity will also make various parts of your home more brittle and susceptible to damage. This is why you want to install a humidifier in your home, to help correct the humidity imbalance that could lower your quality of life.

Sunset Air offers comprehensive humidifier installation services throughout Olympia, WA. If you need humidifier services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. 

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