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When Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Windows can let in wonderful, natural light, help warm your home during the day and allow you to see outside to your property. However, windows in poor condition can also contribute to significant energy loss and risk your home’s security. When do you know it’s time for window replacement in Puyallup? Here are some signs:

  • The windows are drafty – if you feel a constant chill coming from the area around your window, this is most likely drafty air coming in from the outside. You can lose a great deal of energy from drafty windows and your heating system will have to fight this loss all winter.
  • Windows are hard to open and close – a window in good condition will glide open and shut; if opening or closing your window has become a wrestling match, it may be time to look at replacement.
  • Your windows are single pane – single pane windows have far less ability to block out air and UV light from the sun. This is because double pane windows have air purposely trapped between them that forms a layer of insulation against the outdoor air and an additional pane of glass through which sunlight has to travel.
  • You can see sunlight around the edges of the window – good windows have sealing all around the edges to keep out air; if you are seeing sunlight around the outside edges of your windows, the seals have deteriorated.
  • There’s condensation on the windows – during the winter, frost on windows can look pretty, but what frost in the window actually means is that condensation has frozen. Your windows shouldn’t have condensation of any kind on them unless it’s raining or snowing. Why? Condensation means that hot and cold air are meeting at your window and creating moisture; windows that work properly won’t do this.
  • No noise barrier – windows should also act as noise barriers for your home. If your closed windows are having little effect on lessening the outside noise, it may be time to look at windows that will lessen the noise.

New windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency, comfort levels and security levels. Call Sunset Air today and see what new windows can do for your home!

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