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What’s at Risk with Amateur Window Service for Installation

You may not consider installing a window a job that requires professionals. Certainly, professional service sounds nice… but it isn’t 100% necessary. After all, it’s just a window: set it in place, make sure it’s attached, and that’s it.

But let us assure you, based on our many decades of professional work with numerous types of windows and doors, correctly installing a window—and installing the right type of window—requires far more professional skill than you think. The consequences of poor window installation are also high, and any money you might save upfront by choosing to have a non-professional handle the job will soon vanish and you’ll find yourself suffering from discomfort, higher bills, and a generally unpleasant looking new installation.

For quality window service in Lakewood, WA from an experienced team, look to Sunset Air. We will help you dodge these pitfalls of amateur window installation:

Energy Inefficiency

Windows have many energy efficiency ratings on them that explain how well the window stops the movement of heat, blocks UV radiation, and reflects back light. But none of these ratings will mean much if the window goes into place poorly, with ineffective caulking and numerous air gaps, or bad placement where the window allows in too much direct sun. This will mean a house that permits too much heat to enter in warm months, and too heat to escape in the cold months. The house will lose a great deal of energy, and your utility bills will start to mount from overuse of the heater and air conditioner. And it isn’t only poor fitting of the window into place that can cause this. If the installers select the wrong type and material for the window, it will also create energy efficiency problems.


Going hand-in-hand with energy inefficiency is the way a badly installed window will make your house less comfortable. A drafty window can be miserable during winter, and a window that allows in too much direct sunlight along with humid air in the summer can make your house unpleasant and stuffy. (Direct sunlight will also affect your furnishings, leading to fading.)

Windows That “Don’t Work”

A sloppy installation job can result in windows that don’t open and close well, whether shuttered windows, sliding windows, or crank window. The windows will stick and close unevenly, as if they were already warped and excessively worn. With the extra strain placed on the moving parts, the new window will not last long before it need to either be fixed or replaced.

When you have skilled window installers on the job, you can expect to have an attractive window effectively placed so that that will contribute to a comfortable and energy-efficient home—as well a beautiful home. Call on the more than 35 years of experience at Sunset Air when it comes to window service in Lakewood, WA.

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