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What is System Zoning?

What is System Zoning?

The temperature in your house can vary depending on the different qualities of your rooms and layout. For instance, if a room has a lot of windows that allow sun to come in, it can be harder to keep cool during the sunny season. Or if a room has a vaulted ceiling, it can be harder to retain heat. There is a long list of reasons why rooms differ in heating and cooling efficiency and one way to even the whole house out is to use a process called system zoning.


System zoning is the placement of multiple thermostats throughout the home. The thermostats operate dampers in the ductwork that modify the output of heating or cooling in specific zones of the house by opening and closing airways. The thermostats read the separate temperatures of each zone and distribute heat accordingly. Systems like this are extremely useful if you have certain rooms that have a hard time maintaining heat and they also may save you money by increasing the efficiency by optimizing your heating and cooling distribution.

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