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Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency for This Winter

Improving energy efficiency doesn’t have to involve purchasing a new heating system. By taking a few simple steps, you can improve your energy efficiency without breaking your budget. Fall offers the perfect time to prepare for winter, and taking some of these steps now can get you and your heating ahead of the cold days that are coming. Our Sunset Air technicians have put together a list of energy-saving tips to help you this winter. Should you need repair, maintenance or any other heating service, make an appointment with one of our trained and certified technicians.

Energy Tips

Here are some energy tips that can help you save some energy this coming winter season:

  • Schedule maintenance – if you haven’t done so already, schedule maintenance for your heating system. Maintenance involves conducting a full tune-up on your system, which helps it to perform optimally.
  • Open curtains and shades during the day – heat from the sun can add needed heat to your indoors, so keep curtain and shades open during the day.
  • Use plastic to cover drafty windows – window kits have made it very easy to create a barrier against drafts that can enter through drafty windows, and the kits are widely available at hardware stores.
  • Use a programmable thermostat – a programmable thermostat can help you stay on track with energy usage by allowing you to control the amount of heating you use on any day at any time. With a programmable thermostat, you can program the temperature to lower during times of low or no occupancy, and cycle up just before coming home.
  • Schedule an energy audit – do you suspect you may be losing heat but can’t figure out where the problems are? An energy audit can help by pinpointing the exact source(s) of loss and helping you create a plan to remediate these problems.
  • Use ceiling fans – ceiling fans help circulate air, helping heat to move through your home. If you use a ceiling fan to help you cool, it very likely has a switch that allows it to change direction to help with heating. Simply flick the switch, and you can help your heating just as you helped your cooling.

With a little bit of effort, you can help improve the energy efficiency of your heating this winter. If you need assistance, or have questions about other options, call Sunset Air and schedule your heating service in Olympia, WA with one of our experts.

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