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Watch for These Furnace Problems

Winter is by far the most stressful time of year for furnaces, as they are used on a much more frequent basis. This makes it quite a bit more likely for problems to occur, which means that you need to be that much more vigilant at this time of year. Let’s take a look at some of the more common furnace problems that you may have to deal with.

Loss of Output

If your furnace is not putting out as much heat as it normally does, a number of different things might be wrong. It is possible that you have one or more leaks in your home’s ducts, or that the air handler has malfunctioned. If you are using a gas furnace, you should check to make sure that the burner assembly is working. No matter what, though, loss of output is not a good sign. You should definitely call for repairs if you notice this happening.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is caused by the temperature inside the furnace rising too high. The limit switch activates and shuts down the furnace to protect it, but that doesn’t solve the core problem. The furnace keeps turning on, overheating, and shutting off until parts of it start to break down from the strain. Eventually, the entire system will break down if the problem is not dealt with. Turn your furnace off and call for repairs as soon as possible if this happens.


If your gas furnace is making loud booming sounds when you turn it on, it’s probably because your burner assembly needs to be cleaned. Dirty burner assemblies often ignite later than they should, burning through a large amount of gas at once and making a loud booming noise.

If your furnace is in need of repair, call Sunset Air. We offer a full range of furnace services throughout Olympia, WA. 

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