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Are You Sure You’re Using Your AC Efficiently?

vent-on-wall-near-floorWhat if we told you there were completely affordable, and even free methods to prevent air conditioning repair? What if we also told you that you could help improve the overall efficiency of your cooling system by following these methods?

The fact is, all it takes is giving proper attention and care to your air conditioner. Keep reading to learn more about how to boost your cooling system’s efficiency, lower costs, and prevent repair needs, too!

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

Have you scheduled your AC tune-up yet this summer? You may think it’s too late, but the truth is that unless your air conditioner has completely broken down beyond repair, it’s never too late to have this service done.

It matters more that you have AC maintenance done on a consistent basis—once a year for a standard air conditioner and twice a year for a heat pump or ductless mini-split—than it does the time of year you have it done. Of course, you’ll typically find it more convenient to have it done in the spring, as temperatures haven’t risen yet to need your AC on a daily basis. HVAC technicians are also usually more readily available during this time, but please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need to schedule maintenance!

Raise the Temperature on Your Thermostat

Okay, before you “x” out of this blog post, hear us out!

We are not asking you to turn up the heat during the summer—that wouldn’t make any sense. But you may be keeping your thermostat much lower than you actually need. A reduced thermostat setting doesn’t provide your living space with cooling any faster. Though, this is a common misconception. It actually just keeps your compressor running longer, which wears down on your AC system faster.

We advise setting the temperature on your thermostat to 78° during the day, since this is the temperature most people are comfortable at.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your cooling system, called the condenser cabinet, is where your AC system exhausts the heat it removes from your home. It can’t do this job effectively if the cabinet grill is too dirty, or if tree branches, brush, or even lawn mulch is obstructing it.

You’ll want to clear out the area by about a foot on all sides—this enables proper airflow. We also suggest that you clean off any dirt or grime with a hose (but not too high-powered, you don’t want to cause damage).

Clean the Vents Indoors, Too

The outdoor portion of your air conditioner isn’t the only part that’s at risk of losing airflow due to buildup. Your indoor vents can get dusty, or accidentally get blocked with things like furniture, toys, backpacks, etc. This impacts the airflow coming into your home, which can lead to less comfort for you, and an air conditioner that has to work way too hard to do its job.

Clean the Air Filter!

There’s a common misconception that the standard air filter in your HVAC system is there to protect indoor air quality, but it is actually in place to protect the interior components of the HVAC system from debris already present in your indoor air. Changing the air filter every 1-3 months will help maintain proper airflow, and subsequently, improve efficiency.

For quality air conditioning service in Tacoma, WA, reach out to Sunset Air today!

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