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The dangers of outdated doors and windows

window replacement

The Dangers of outdated doors and windows

If you are a home or facility owner, you may find that window replacement is not something that tops your to-do list. Many windows can physically last the test of time and replacing them can be quite expensive. However, it is important at some point to weigh out the benefits a window replacement may produce. In most cases, a window replacement is just the right thing to give you a nice return on investment, especially in older homes.

Outdated windows and doors not only have a potential for letting air in or out, they are also a pathway for unwanted moisture to enter your home. We all know the harm that moisture can cause to a structure in the long term. Damage caused by moisture can be quite costly.

A return on investment from replaced windows can be difficult to calculate because it is specific to each job. Taking into consideration time, size, shape, material, and quantity. To evaluate if your windows need replaced, a test is done measuring how the temperature on the outside of the window compares to the inside of the window. A certified technician will use these two statistics to calculate heat transfer through the window. There are also, do it yourself methods to finding drafts in your home.

Once you have evaluated and found some flaws in the insulation of your windows or doors, there are several different options based on the severity of the loss of energy.

One way you can fix insulation problems in windows without replacing the whole window is to add a window pain inside the existing window. This creates an air or gas pocket between the panes that will make it harder for heat to transfer through. This method is similar to installing a storm window on the inside or outside of your window.

Another way to fix an insulation problem in an existing window is tinting it. This can reflect sunlight to alter the heat of a room. With this option, it is important to consider energy costs in lighting. A tinted window can make a darker room, increasing lighting costs. But if you are somewhere where you spend a large amount of money on cooling, it may be beneficial to keep some sunlight out.

If you are looking for a more advanced fix that will get you the results you truly want, a full window replacement may be right for you. There are two methods of window replacement that vary in cost. One way to replace a window is to use the existing frame and insert a new glass window, the other way is to replace the full frame and window. Replacing the whole frame can be more spendy than the first option, but it will give the technician the ability to completely insulate the window and ensure the best performance.

Believe it or not, window replacement can greatly increase the longevity and efficiency of your home. It may be just the right move to make when protecting your investment. If you have more questions about window replacement or are looking for a window replacement quote for your home or facility, contact Sunset Air at 360-456-4956

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