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Tips for Staying Warm When Your Heater Fails

Monday, December 14th, 2020

Hopefully, you’ll never run into this problem at all! Ideally, you’ll have kept up on your annual maintenance appointments for your furnace to ensure that it works efficiently, effectively, and—perhaps most importantly—reliably. When well maintained, a furnace can last about 10-15 years. Beyond that point, it’s time to consider replacement, especially if the system is showing excessive signs of wear and tear or just not working like it used to.

But no matter the age of your furnace, if it fails on you in the middle of a fall or winter day, you’re going to be pretty miserable, right? Well, what if that doesn’t have to be the case? When you’re heater fails, the first thing you should do is call our team for repairs. Then, while you wait for our techs to arrive, you can work to keep yourself and your household warm by:

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What to Know About Your Electrical System Before You Put Up Holiday Lights!

Monday, November 30th, 2020

There are a lot of homeowners stressing about how different the holidays are going to look this year, which is understandable. Families across the country aren’t able to get together due to health concerns, traveling is questionable for many folks.

There is still much to look forward to, however! For example, if you’re like many homeowners who enjoy decorating your home for the holidays, it’s your season to shine.

But before you attempt to challenge Clark Griswold outside your house, consider this—is your electrical panel ready for the increased demand? Also referred to as the breaker box, this component is tasked with safely touring electrical current to and from the various electrical appliances and fixtures in and outside your home. An overloaded electrical panel, however, will lead to expensive problems and even potential safety hazards.

Keep reading to learn if you may need an electrical panel upgrade before touching those outdoor holiday lights.

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Make Sure You Change Your Air Conditioner Air Filter

Monday, November 6th, 2017

clean-air-filterWhen we talk about air conditioning health, whether it’s repairs or maintenance, we tend to focus on things that only professionals can do for your system. That does cover most things that can help keep your air conditioner healthy. However, there is at least one way that you can personally ensure that your AC system stays in good operating condition. Read on to find out more about your air conditioner’s air filter, why it needs to be changed on a regular basis, and how you can do it.

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The Benefits of Installing More Energy Efficient Windows

Monday, September 11th, 2017

wood-windowEveryone wants their homes to be as energy efficient as possible. More energy efficiency means cheaper operating costs, after all. How you improve your home’s energy efficiency matters, however, and not all improvements need to be big investments to be effective. For example, installing new windows can actually save you a lot of money on your annual home operating costs. Find out how below.

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How New Windows Can Help Your Air Conditioner

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

It sounds like a complete disconnect: installing new windows in your home can help your air conditioner. What do windows have to do with keeping cool? And how can replacing them affect a completely unrelated appliance in another part of the house? In point of fact, windows are an important part of your home’s energy efficiency, which in turn has a big effect on how well the air conditioner can do its job. Window installation in Centralia, WA is often the purveyance of heating and air conditioning companies, who know how new windows can help your air conditioner.

In simplest terms, new windows help keep hot air out and retain cool air inside your home. A poorly fitted window or one that’s suffered a lot of wear and tear may sport cracks around its frame, through which conditioned air can leak out. Weather stripping can usually take care of the cracks, but the windows themselves are still contributing to the issue. Air can slip out through any perceived break in the window, and without proper insulation, heat has a way of getting in as well. The heat from the sun is radiant heat, which means it travels invisibly through the air itself. You’ve likely noticed this effect when you’ve walked into a sunny room and felt the warmth on your skin. Insulation in the walls helps slow this effect, but normal windows aren’t insulated, and with the sunlight streaming in, they can heat up your home very quickly.

New windows, on the other hand, can directly address those issues. Not only can you fit them more firmly into place and ensure that there are no cracks, but they can be coated with UV blocking components to help reflect excessive sunlight away. All of that means that your home will be kept cooler longer. The air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard, and you’ll save money on monthly energy bills as well as reducing the risk of repairs for your AC unit. For more on how new windows can help your air conditioner, or to schedule window installation in Centralia, WA, the experts at Sunset Air are standing by. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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