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Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

Most people don’t replace their air conditioner until the system dies. This makes sense from a certain perspective. Air conditioners are big investments, and everyone wants to get their money’s worth out of their systems. However, being unwilling to replace your air conditioner until it dies actually opens you up to wasting quite a bit of money. Let’s take a look at why you should replace your old air conditioner, even if it’s still technically running.


As an air conditioner gets older, it starts to accumulate wear and tear on the various parts in the system. This wear and tear causes a gradual decline in efficiency, forcing the system to stay on for longer and longer to achieve the same results. This is reflected in higher monthly bills, which seem to rise for no apparent reason. If you notice this happening, you should consider replacing your air conditioner.

More Repairs

The same wear and tear that causes drops in efficiency eventually causes parts of the system to break down entirely. If you have a newer system, you probably won’t need to have it repaired more often than once every couple of years. In very old systems, though, repairs are sometimes necessary every few months. If your air conditioner needs to be fixed multiple times a year, you definitely need to replace it.


Air conditioners are built to last between 15 and 20 years. Past that point, it becomes more and more likely for them to develop serious issues like those listed above. The cost of coping with those issues will quickly outstrip the cost of installing a new air conditioning system. That’s why you should consult with a professional if your air conditioner is that old.

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