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Perform an Energy Audit Before Buying a Generator

Here in Olympia, generator installation is almost a necessity. Northwest winters have their share of heavy storms, and as we’ve been reminded the last few years, you can be left stranded in your home on a moment’s notice. A reliable generator will keep your lights on and your heater running when the snows start to fall and can significantly add to your home’s resale value to boot. If pays to speak to a qualified expert about you generator options, and also to perform an energy audit before buying a generator. They can help you make the most informed choice possible.

Generators are designed to handle a set electrical load, and placing more demands on it than it can take will cause innumerable problems. An audit will help your organize and plan for the amount of energy you’ll need, then let you select a generator that meets your allotted budget. Start with the electrical needs of vital components of your home: the heating or cooling system, your refrigerator and freezer, and lights in key areas of the home. After that, get the power needs of the remaining lights in the home, a computer with internet service to keep in contact with the rest of the world, nice-but-not-necessary appliances such as washers and dryers, and entertainment system needs.

Once you have all of the electrical appliances in your home listed, along with their precise power needs, you can determine how much power your generator needs to generate in order to meet the minimum needs during a crisis, as well as how much power you need to cover the entire household, bar none. These represent the minimum and the maximum power needs your generator will require. From there, you can select a unit that fits your budget: covering as much as you can without breaking the bank. You’ll then know which appliances you can plug into it during a crises, and which need to be set aside for the duration.

If you intend to perform an energy audit before buying a generator, let the experts at Sunset Air help. We have years of experience in this arena, generators are too important to be left to a fly-by-night company. Call us today to make an appointment and we’ll get the right generator set up for you!

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