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Looking to improve the overall value of your home?

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If you are planning on ever selling your home in the future, chances are you are thinking about your return on investment. Reports have shown that heating system replacement yields one of the biggest returns in terms of home value and also saves you monthly on energy leading up to your sale.

If you try to sell your house with an outdated furnace, you run the risk of prospects being worried about energy costs. If your furnace is outdated, one of the first things that a home inspector will recommend is to replace it. It will give you a boost in value that in some cases can pay for the system itself as well as cut your energy costs significantly.

A new high efficiency heating system could be the perfect “cherry on top” for your prospects. Especially with all of the talk of sustainability going on. An old furnace is not only costing you more money right now to run, it is possible that it will be a deal breaker if not properly updated or maintained.

Right now, Sunset Air combined with ORCA and PSE are offering up to $5100 in rebates for a replaced heating system.

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