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It May Be Time to Replace Your Front Door


Unless you can’t lock a door that needs to be secured, you probably don’t think about your doors all that much, right? But, front doors deserve a lot more attention than they usually get. They’re important for function, of course, but they also complement the visual aesthetics of your home–and if yours isn’t filling either one of these needs anymore, it could be time to replace.

We’ve shared some more specific signs below, that it is indeed time to replace your front door. Read on to learn more!

You’re Dealing with Drafts

Drafty windows and doors are the biggest culprits when it comes to energy inefficiency. As powerful and well-maintained as your HVAC systems are, if conditioned air is escaping or outdoor air is getting in, you’ll find yourself paying more to heat or cool your home.

Drafty doors happen when the door shrinks in the framing after years of use, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. You may notice it doesn’t “fit” like it used to and it sticks when you try to close or open it. This will definitely lead to drafts.

Hard to Close

As we mentioned above, your door may stick when you try to close it. Perhaps you can close your front door, but you can barely get it to lock because of how much it sticks.

This probably isn’t a problem with the lock, so put the locksmith’s number away. You’re likely dealing with a door that’s become misshapen after years of use and wear and tear. Don’t let an old door compromise your safety! Give us a call to discuss your options.

Your Door Is Outdated

You’ve worked hard to keep your home in great shape, except of course for your front door. Perhaps years of chipped paint and weather damage has finally taken its course. Maybe the door still opens okay and doesn’t let drafts in or out, but visually it’s just not appealing anymore.

That’s a perfectly legitimate reason to replace your front door! We’re happy to talk through your options with you, as there are so many style choices these days.

Your Door Isn’t Insulated

How’s your home’s level of insulation? Whether it’s in the summertime or winter, insulation helps prevent heat transfer–keeping heat out this time of the year and keeping it in during the winter.

How’s your front door’s level of insulation? If you have an older home and have never replaced this door, it may not be that great. Speak to our team today to learn how you can change this.

You’ve Noticed Wood Rot or Splitting Wood

Rotting wood, or even dried out and splintering wood, can result from wear and tear on your door as the years go by. This can be the result of excessive moisture, extreme temperatures, and even ant or termite infestation.

Carefully feel around your door for signs of either, and if you do notice it, give us a call to discuss your door replacement options.

Reach out to Sunset Air today for reliable window and door services in Gig Harbor!

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