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Is Your Water Heater Haunted? 4 Spooky Signs


The Pacific Northwest seems like it was made for the enjoyment of Spooky Season. With our atmospheric weather and dark, rainy days, it’s no wonder that Halloween is a favorite season among many WA state residents. 

But the “tricks” of the season shouldn’t be apparent in any of your household appliances. Sometimes your home’s water heater can start acting like it’s haunted in the fall after the demands of summer have faded. 

Here are 4 spooky signs your water heater isn’t enjoying the transition to fall as much as you are.  Whatever you do, don’t put off getting water heater repair for any of these issues. The last thing you want is a minor scare developing into a full-blown nightmare. 

A Weeping Water Heater

Does it look like tears are streaming down the sides of your water heater? A leaking water heater is truly terrifying for two reasons. The first is that what seems like a small amount of water has the potential to become a leak of nightmare proportions. The last thing you want spoiling your enjoyment of Spooky Season is having to deal with water damage in your home. 

The second is depending on where the leak is, it could be a sign that the water heater has reached its untimely demise. A corroded tank cannot be fixed and your water heater will be relegated to the water heater graveyard where it’ll rest in peace.

Spine-Tingling Showers

It’s an overcast, rainy day in the Pacific Northwest and you’re starting off the day with a hot shower when the water turns icy-cold halfway through! This is literally a spine-tingling tale of terror that no one wants to suffer through. 

A lack of hot water in the shower could be caused by a mineral buildup in the water heater that narrows the space through which hot water passes through. Sediment can also build up on the heating element. A plumber can perform a water heater flush that will eliminate the mineral buildup and put an end to your cold-shower suffering.

Stinky Water

Does the water coming from your taps smell awful but only when the hot water is running? This can be caused by creepy crawlies (microscopic bacteria) that have found their way into tiny nooks and crannies of your water heater’s lining. They release their toxic aromas in your hot water tank, causing a stink that’ll smell as awful as a witch’s brew. This is a water heater issue that should be checked out ASAP.

Spooky Sounds

Gurgling, hissing, banging, screeching, and popping noises can give you a fright when you’re used to your water heater running silently! Any sudden and unusual sounds are cause for concern. These noises could indicate anything from a mineral buildup to a restriction in the water flow. Whatever the cause, we can pinpoint what’s wrong and return your water heater to quiet operation.

When you need someone to exorcise the demons from your water heater, you can count on us!

Count on the team with the most experience. Contact the team at Sunset Air today for water heater repair in Lacey, WA.

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