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Is Your Home in Need of New Windows?


Do you ever give much thought to what state your windows are in? Unless you have obvious damage to them, chances are that no, you don’t think about them too much. But the thing is, if your home is 20+ years old, and if your windows are aluminum or wood-framed, you could have some issues you don’t know about.

Windows play a number of roles in your home. First, there’s curb appeal. Newer windows can increase the value of your home and make it look more attractive for potential homebuyers. Then, there’s efficiency—windows help prevent heat transfer so your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Lastly, there’s safety to consider—old, shoddy windows can become a danger, particularly if you have small children or pets who can access them. Read on as we uncover some of the top signs that your home is in need of new windows.

You Have High Energy Bills

Now, “high” energy bills can be a bit subjective. Many people believe they’re paying “too much” for their energy use, when there’s not much difference to what they’re paying in comparison to their neighbors.

What we want you to look at though, is how much your energy bills have changed over the years. It bears mentioning that outdated HVAC systems can certainly play a role in efficiency, but so too can drafty windows. Old and degrading windows can let out a lot of your heated or cooled air, which means your HVAC system have to run even longer to try to maintain comfortable temperatures, which is inefficient—and sure enough, you’ll see higher energy bills as a result.

Your Windows Are Tough to Open and Close

Opening your windows should not be a strenuous activity. Whether they have a metal, aluminum, or wood frame, your windows should easily open and shut. If they don’t, it could be a sign that you need window replacement.

You may be thinking “but the panes of glass are fine!” Actually, glass is an amorphous solid—in simpler terms, it’s an extremely slow-moving liquid. If your windows are old enough that the frame is starting to stick, that means that the panes have likely aged to the point that they’ve thinned out over the years too, and they’ll be far easier to break, even if by accident.

Outside Noise Is… Noisy!

Single-pane windows were once the most popular type of windows you saw around. If you have an older home, chances are you still have these types of windows. There are a number of benefits to upgrading to double-paned windows, with one of the biggest being that it provides soundproofing.

True, no window is going to completely block out outside noise, but you can certainly take a step in the right direction toward a quieter home by replacing your old windows with new, double-paned ones!

Whether you’re remodeling or just want to make some safety updates to an older home, we’re the company to turn to for quality window replacement in Olympia, WA! Contact Sunset Air today.

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