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Is Solar A Good Investment in Washington State?


It’s no surprise that in the Evergreen State, many Washington State residents pride themselves on being “green.” Whether it’s the car you drive or the way you heat your home, choosing the eco-friendly option is appealing to many homeowners in our beautiful state.

However, many Washington State homeowners are perplexed by the thought of solar energy. It’s a common misconception that we don’t get enough sunlight to make solar panels worth the investment. However, that’s simply not the case. Let’s take a look at solar panel installation so you can learn how this is definitely an eco-friendly investment that’s worth it.

Washington State’s Climate

It’s understandable to think that solar panels might not be ideal in an area known for having way fewer sunny days than cloudy ones. We also have limited hours of daylight in the winter so even when we do get a sunny, winter day, it’s a short day. 

This idea that solar panels are ineffective when it’s overcast or on a day with a small amount of daylight stems from the misconception that it’s the heat from the sun that provides energy in solar panels. However, solar panel operation actually has nothing to do with the radiant heat from the sun: solar panels react to the light of the sun. 

That means that even on cloudy days, there’s enough light outside for your solar panels to work. There have also been huge advances in solar technology in the last decade. These advancements have specifically targeted increasing the efficiency of solar panels in less-than-optimal weather conditions.

Here’s an interesting fact to keep in mind: some of the countries that rely most heavily on solar panels are places with climates very similar to ours. Those countries are Germany and Japan. In fact, Germany receives far less sunlight than any state in the continental US. 

Solar Batteries: Save It for a Rainy Day 

Solar batteries store the excess energy that solar panels collect on sunny days and reserve it for later use. Solar batteries kick in on overcast days so your home can tap into the reserves and use that stored energy. 

State and Federal Incentives

Incentives at both the state and federal levels make the installation of solar panels especially lucrative in WA state. A federal solar tax credit allows homeowners to take advantage of 30% off the total cost of solar panel installation. This tax credit was supposed to decrease to 22% in 2023, but because of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), this tax credit has been extended to 2032. 

Washington State also has a state-mandated net metering policy that requires utility companies to reimburse homeowners whose solar panel systems produce more electricity than they use. Local utility companies will credit you for any excess solar generated at their retail electric rate. 

Our experts undergo continuous training to ensure that our solar panel installations are thorough and efficient. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality systems at an affordable price. 

Count on the team with the most experience. Contact the team at Sunset Air for solar panel installation today.

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