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Is It Time to Have New Windows Installed?


If you’re like most homeowners in the Olympia area, you want your household to operate as efficiently as possible. After all, higher efficiency equals cheaper operating costs. The good news is, there are a number of ways you can actually improve energy efficiency within your home.

From making sure you’re using your HVAC systems effectively and having them well maintained to upgrading to LED lighting, there’s a lot you can do! One more energy-efficient upgrade you can make that not too many people think about is installing new windows.

How exactly does this improve efficiency? Read on to find out!

Prevents Air Leaks

Both your climate control systems and your home insulation play a large role in how energy efficient your home is. If the building has air leaks all over the place, it will be difficult for your heating or cooling system to maintain a set temperature indoors and the systems will have to run longer (inefficiently so) to try to reach those temperatures.

Air leaks can happen through drafty doors, as well as damaged ductwork. But windows play a role too. In fact, this is one of the most common areas in a home that suffers from problematic leaks. Minor gaps between the windows and their frames can contribute to energy loss. Additionally, you have to consider the actual construction of the window. By having new, energy-efficient windows installed throughout your home, you can dramatically cut down on the amount of air escaping from your home.

Reduces Noise

This doesn’t necessarily help improve energy efficiency, but it can certainly help improve your quality of life. Modern, energy-efficient windows cut out on noise pollutions, which is a really common issue for homeowners throughout the country.

There’s less disruption from construction taking place, helicopter or airplanes flying over, and of course street traffic. If you have trouble keeping peace and quiet in your home due to the noises outside of your home, then this is a great way to cut down on it.

Windows typically serve as the point in any home where it’s easiest for sound waves to enter. After all, windows are a lot thinner than walls. Modern, advanced, energy-efficient windows are designed to help insulate your home in a number of ways, including against noises.

Improves HVAC Efficiency

As we alluded to above, drafty or ill-constructed windows can allow air to leak out. This means that the air coming into your home through your heating or cooling system’s ventilation system can make its way out almost as quickly.

Additionally, older windows let a lot of heat in from the sun’s radiation. This can be mitigated by closing blinds and curtains, but who wants to do that all the time? Instead, you can invest in some energy-efficient double-paned windows that help keep the heat out (or the cold out, in the winter) and therefore use your air conditioner and heater more efficiently.

When you’re ready for an energy-efficient window installation in Olympia, WA, simply reach out to Sunset Air. Contact us today!

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