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Is a Whole House Generator Worth it?


Power outages in Washington state are becoming more and more frequent. In fact, according to the Department of Energy (DOE), Washington was #5 on the list of states with the most power outages in the first half of 2021. Many homeowners have begun to realize that portable generators just aren’t cutting it anymore with the frequency of power outages we experience not just in the winter, but over the summer as well.

Aside from the convenience factor, many homeowners wonder if a whole house generator installation is worth it in terms of increasing the value of their home. The answer is a resounding yes. Let’s take a look at how adding a whole house generator is considered a sound investment and should increase the value of your home.

Whole House Generators As A Home Investment in WA State

According to consumer reports, a whole house generator (also called standby generators and whole home generators) can increase your home’s value by 3-5%. Let’s say your house is valued at $500K. At the low end, adding a whole house generator would increase your home’s value to $515K, and at the high end, $525K. That’s a big difference!

It’s also been proven that whole home generators can result in a 150% return on investment. There aren’t many other home improvements you can make that reap such a high level of return. For example, bathroom and kitchen remodels usually have an ROI of 60-70%. Although having a new and modern kitchen or bathroom are nice to have, they don’t protect your home in the way that a whole house generator does. 

In WA state, because of our infrastructure and weather conditions, we suffer from power outages frequently. Many potential home buyers see a house with a whole house generator as a strong selling feature. That’s because we’re all familiar with the inconvenience of a power outage. And when the power does go out, it tends to go out for a while. 

Other Reasons a Generator Is Worth It

Whole house generators will keep your entire home powered during a power outage. You don’t even have to be home when the power goes out to turn it on. It’ll automatically power up in the event of an outage. That means no more wastage of all the food in your refrigerator and freezer. That means keeping the lights and heat on as well as your alarm system. 

Does your home have a sump pump? It’s dependent on a power source to prevent flooding. Does your water come from a well? Well, then when the power goes out, you’re stuck without water, too. Do you have family members who use medical devices that are dependent on electricity? A whole house generator is really worth it for the convenience factor.

How Long Do Whole House Generators Last?

You’re almost on board with the whole house generator installation. But you want to know how long it’ll last. Whole house generators last 20-40 years with the average lifespan being somewhere around 30 years. That’s much longer than any other major home comfort system in your home. 

When you hire Sunset Air, we provide generator installations that will last. Contact the team with the most experience today.

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