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Install a Ductless System This Fall

If you are in the market for a new heating system this fall, there are a lot of different options to choose from. Each has its own advantages, and will be suited to a different set of needs. It’s important that you carefully consider all of the options, so that you can find the system that’s best matched to your requirements. Let’s take a look at ductless systems, and what one of them can do for you this fall.

Ductless Heating

Ductless mini splits are heat pumps, but they don’t use ducts like a standard heat pump does. Instead, an air handler is installed in each room throughout the house that requires heating. Each of these air handlers is equipped with its own thermostat, which allows it to operate separately from the rest of the system. Up to four of these indoor air handlers can be connected to a single outside unit. While in heating mode, the outdoor unit evaporates refrigerant to siphon thermal energy from the outside air. The heat is then sent to the individual air handlers, which vent it into the home. Ductless mini splits are heat pumps, and are therefore able to act as either heaters or air conditioners.

Advantages of Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits have all the advantages of heat pumps. Namely, they are energy efficient and save space by condensing both heating and cooling modes into one system. Ductless mini splits don’t have to burn any kind of fuel to generate heat, which means they cost less to operate than traditional heating systems. Ductless systems also allow you to set the ideal temperature for each air handler, so there is no more fighting over a single thermostat with other members of your household.

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