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How Zone Control Can Improve Your Air Conditioning System

The days are beginning to heat up, and before long you’ll be running your air conditioning system on an almost daily basis. Centralized air conditioning is a great way to keep the entire house cool throughout the summer months. As effective as centralized air conditioning is, though, it’s not perfect. A centralized air conditioner is often controlled by a single thermostat, which makes it less efficient at regulating temperature across rooms that warm up at different rates. It also wastes a lot of energy on rooms that are unoccupied, and thus not in need of air conditioning. Fortunately, there’s a way to solve these problems: zone control.

What is Zone Control?

A zone control system is a series of dampers installed in the ductwork of your home. Each duct corresponds to a room, and each room gets its own thermostat linked to the appropriate damper. When the thermostat inside the room requires air conditioning, it activates the air conditioner and opens the damper. This provides air conditioning to that room, and any other rooms that open their dampers so that air can flow into them. Rooms that have their thermostats set not to require cooling will remain isolated from the ducts, and therefore won’t receive cool air.

The Benefits of Zone Control

Zone control allows you to have a much finer degree of control over your system than you otherwise would. By using zone control, you can ensure that each member of your household can calibrate their room to their own comfort level without making anyone else uncomfortable. Zone control also prevents your air conditioning from wasting energy on rooms that don’t need it.

If you’d like to know more about zone control systems, call Sunset Air. We install zone control systems throughout Olympia, WA.

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