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How Zone Control Can Help You This Fall

Summer is ending, and cold weather is just around the corner. It’s about time to start getting your home ready for the fall and winter seasons, which means that you need to have your heating situation in order. If you have a centralized forced air heater, you should consider installing a zone control system. Let’s take a look at zone control, and how it can help you this fall.

Zone Control

Zone control systems use a series of large dampers, which are installed inside the ducts in your home. These dampers open or close in response to instructions from thermostats, which are installed in each new “zone” of the home created by the system. When one of the thermostats detects a need for heat, it opens the appropriate dampers and activates the heating system. This allows the heater to direct its output to only the parts of the home that need it, rather than blasting the whole house at once.

Advantages of Zone Control

Central climate control systems are among the most popular in the country, and they have a lot to offer. However, they also have a couple of big problems. Distributing the same amount of output throughout the home, regardless of each room’s individual needs, leads to a lot of wasted energy. Empty rooms don’t need heating, but they get it anyway while the system is operating. This also generates a lot of hot and cold spots, as each room is insulated a bit differently. A zone control system solves these problems by giving you a much finer degree of control over your indoor climate.

Sunset Air offers a full range of zone control installation services throughout Olympia, WA. If you need zone control services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our zone control experts.  

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