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How You Can Prevent Power Outage Emergencies


We might not have as crazy storm seasons as other parts of the country do, but we certainly have and can experience inclement weather that leaves our homes without power for days on end. What then? Without the use of your HVAC systems or refrigerator, and perhaps even medical devices that require electricity to operate, you’ll have an emergency on your hands.

But this can all be prevented with the professional installation of a whole-house generator! Read on as we dive into the benefits of such an installation.

Whole-House Generators

A whole-house generator is a much larger system than a portable generator that you’re probably used to seeing. It’s installed outside the home, and permanently wired into the home’s power system. Whole-house systems are safer and more efficient than portable systems, plus they do not rely on a tank of any kind to provide power–instead, they have their own natural gas line running to it. This ensures that your generator will always have the means to provide power.

Among the most popular types of whole-house generators is the automatic standby generator. This type of system monitors the amount of power running through the home’s power system at all times. when the power goes out, the generator activates automatically and starts to supply power to your electrical system. When the power comes back on, the generator shuts itself off, offering convenience to homeowners.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a whole-house generator, though, is that it provides power to the whole house. This means they provide more than enough power to keep your home running, whereas a portable generator may be able to keep one system only, like your heater, running at a time. Can you imagine being stuck with a power outage in the middle of a winter’s night and having to decide between using your heater or your refrigerator to keep all your food from spoiling?

Whole-house systems are far more useful than their portable counterparts for homeowners who have higher power requirements, and/or have certain equipment such as medical devices that need to be powered 24/7. With the installation of a whole-house generator, you can rest easy knowing that your power need will be met even in the middle of the longest and biggest power outage.

Trust a Professional for Your Installation

You shouldn’t attempt to install a generator for your home by yourself, regardless of whether it’s a portable or whole-house system. The danger is far greater if you try to install a whole-house system of course, because it requires its own natural gas supply. This usually requires gas piping work, which can be hazardous and illegal if not done correctly.

Additionally, the generator itself is very large and heavy. it requires the efforts of multiple technicians to install it. When you want a whole-house generator installed in your home, it’s a wise idea to count on a professional to do it for you!

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