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How Window Replacement Can Improve Energy Efficiency

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Our homes need to be comfortable regardless of what the weather is like outside, and most of the time, that means attending to your furnace and air conditioning system. A well-run HVAC unit is the best weapon you have in the fight against the hot and cold in Olympia, WA: keeping your household comfortable and healthy for you and your family. But that’s not the only aspect of your home that can help with this fight.

Replacing your old windows with new ones, especially storm windows or double-paned windows, can do almost as much for your home as a new HVAC system can. And here in Tacoma, window replacement can be performed by a number of qualified services. Here’s how window replacement can improve energy efficiency:

New Windows Save Money

Your home’s building envelope is designed to keep hot air outside during the summer and your heated air inside during the winter. An old, drafty or otherwise damaged window can disrupt that equation, causing the comfortable air you want to escape and letting uncomfortable air in. That forces your HVAC system to work harder to do its job, and costs you more in monthly bills as a result.

Choose ENERGY START-rated Products

Replacing your window can help with that. The U.S. Department of Energy has established the ENERGY STAR rating to denote products that are particularly energy efficient. This extends to windows as well when they are constructed of materials that help slow the heat loss or heat gain in your house and thus keep that conditioned air where it’s supposed to be.

You’d be surprised to discover how affordable window replacement can be, as well as how much you can save in the long-term. We can provide sound advice on the right sort of windows for you, then perform any installation with courtesy and care.

Give Sunset Air a call today to set up a consultation about window replacement.

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