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How to Stop Your Ducts from Ruining Your Indoor Air Quality


There are actually a few ways to stop your ducts from ruining your indoor air quality. First off, when they’re first installed you should ensure they are done so by a highly trained and experienced team, so the job is done correctly.

Of course, most homeowners inherit their ductwork when they purchase their home. In that case, you can stop your ductwork from ruining indoor air quality by having them repaired, or replaced, when necessary. Unsure if you have an air duct problem? Call our team for an inspection!

There’s one last thing you can do that will help with this debacle, and it’s something that not a lot of homeowners consider. That’s air duct cleaning! Professional duct cleaning from an experienced team like ours keeps you from breathing in contaminants that could make even the healthiest person sick—let alone someone who already suffers from allergies and asthma.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality!

The main reason many homeowners invest in professional air duct cleaning is to improve their overall indoor air quality. If you live in a modern, energy-efficient home, then your indoor air quality can actually be worse than that of outdoors. This is because new homes are built with tight construction as to not let any conditioned air out. This is great news for HVAC efficiency, but not so much for your indoor air quality!

Pollutants and contaminants get trapped inside due to this, and start negatively impacting your family’s health and wellbeing. These contaminants can include cleaning fumes, tobacco smoke, mold spores, dust, viruses, and other allergens. When you have your ductwork professionally cleaned though, you can significantly reduce the factors that lead to this indoor air pollution.

Enjoy More Comfort

Dirty air ducts reduce the ability of your home’s air conditioner (and heater, for that matter). When you have your air ducts properly cleaned though, it noticeably improves airflow and therefore improves home comfort!

You may even consider taking this a step further and getting a whole-house humidifier installed for dry air in the winter, and a dehumidifier for humid air in the summer. This will all make your air more breathable, healthy, and comfortable.

Help Out Your HVAC Systems and Your Wallet, Too

Cleaner air ducts won’t just benefit your comfort. It will also benefit your HVAC systems, and your wallet. You can lower your HVAC bills by getting your air ducts professionally cleaned. During this service, our technicians thoroughly clear away any debris, dust, dirt, and grime that are sitting in the system, reducing the efficiency of the system.

Once the debris is cleaned away, it’s easier for the system to effectively heat or cool the home, since airflow has been improved. This all leads to less energy consumption and as a result you can expect to see a drop in your energy bills.

One last bonus for your HVAC system is that when airflow is improved, the system typically doesn’t have to run as long in order to achieve the temperature you have set on your thermostat. This helps out with wear and tear in that it won’t accumulate as fast—meaning your HVAC systems will have a longer lifespan!

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