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How Does a Zone Control System Help with Heating?

Zone control systems have been around for a fairly long time, but have gone relatively unnoticed by homeowners. Despite their popularity in the commercial sector, many homeowners seem completely uninterested. This is ironic, as a lot of those same homeowners try to mimic the effects of zone heating by closing vents in various rooms to direct heat. Let’s examine what exactly zone heating is, and why you should consider getting it installed in your home.

What is a Zone Control System?

Normally, a central heating system is pretty rudimentary in its ability to heat a home. There is one thermostat, usually installed in a central room or hallway, which turns the heater on and off. The heater heats the entire house, without regard for each individual room’s insulation or rate of cooling. This leads to a lot of uneven heating throughout the house, with some areas being uncomfortably hot while others are still quite cold.

Zone control systems attempt to correct these issues by giving the homeowner more control over his or her environment. A zone control system consists of a series of dampers in the ducts, one for each room. These dampers are essentially large valves, which can open or close in response to a command from a thermostat. A thermostat is installed in each room, which controls the damper for that room. If the heat is turned on in response to one of these thermostats, the other rooms that have their thermostats set differently can remain unheated.

What are the Benefits?

This allows a much more precise form of control over the home’s climate. If you only want one room heated, you can have the system only focus on that room while ignoring the others. If another member of the household wants to set their own comfortable climate in their own room, they can do that without disturbing others. This saves money by preventing the heating system from focusing on unoccupied rooms, as well as making your home that much more comfortable for you and your family.

If you’re interested in installing a zone control system, call Sunset Air. We provide heating services throughout Olympia.

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