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How Does a PV Panel Generate Electricity?

Solar energy has become a great option for a lot of homeowners thanks to improved technology, rebates and more product availability. However, it’s still a little confusing for the average homeowner to understand how light from the sun can be converted into electricity. It’s obvious that the solar panels achieve this, but the question that remain is “how?” To help you understand better how photovoltaic (PV) solar panels work for your Aberdeen, WA, home, the solar experts from Sunset Air have put together an explanation below that should hopefully shed some light on things.

It All Starts with a Cell

A solar cell, that is. What is it? A solar cell is a relatively small component that has several layers to it: a glass protective cover with anti-reflective coating, a contact grid, a N-type (negative) silicon layer and then a P-type (positive) silicon layer. These all rest on the back contact layer. The N-type layer has free electrons and the P-type layer has holes. When sunlight hits the solar cell, the free electrons are knocked loose from the N-type layer and move into the open holes in the P-Type layer; this action, and the connection of the N and P-Type layers, creates an electrical current.

The Solar Panel

A solar panel, also known as a solar array or PV panel, is a large number of solar cells housed together on a single panel. The electricity generated by each solar cell flows together as the solar cells are all connected to each other by wiring, creating a great deal of electricity. The PV panels are integrated with your home’s electrical panel via wiring and supply the panel with a great deal of extra energy that can be used to power just about any system you want.

Work with Specialists

Solar energy can be great for a lot of properties, but it’s critical to hire trained experts for installation, repair and maintenance.

The experts at Sunset Air offer comprehensive solar services, so if you are considering adding PV panels to your Aberdeen, WA, home, call us today!

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