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How Does a Ductless Mini Split Work?

In Olympia, WA, air conditioning systems serve as a key defense against the heat and humidity of the summer. When most people think of AC systems, they think of split central systems that distribute the air to the household through a series of ducts. But what about homes that can’t support ducts, or homeowners who don’t want to use ducts? What about homeowners who want to add a new room or extension onto their living space, but can’t easily extend their ductwork to match it?  In these situations, a ductless mini-split system may provide a viable alternative.

Like central air conditioning systems, ductless mini-split systems contain both indoor and outdoor components. The outdoor array contains the condenser coils and compressor elements: allowing them to release heat into the air outside. The indoor unit contains the evaporator coils, which pull heat from the surrounding air and cool the immediate area. Lines between the indoor and outdoor unit move refrigerant back and forth. The compressor transforms the refrigerant into a pressurized liquid form, which is then moved to the expansion valve and released into the evaporator coils. The evaporation process cools the nearby air, which can then be blown into your home with a fan.

The set-up is more energy efficient than central air conditioning systems while providing greater flexibility to the homeowner.   Multiple indoor units can be attached to a single outdoor unit, allowing you to tailor the temperature in each “zone.” If you’re in the living room and another family member is in the bedroom, you can each set different temperatures to match your individual comfort levels.

You can also turn off units in areas that you aren’t using, and rely on just a single indoor unit or two to keep you cool in the space you occupy. That saves you money when those monthly bills come, unlike central air conditioning systems, which must cool the entire house.

If you think a ductless mini-split system may work for you, or if you own a ductless system and need to address a problem, call on Sunset Air to help. We serve customers throughout Olympia, WA; air conditioning services are a regular part of our business. Give our Olympia air conditioning specialists a call to set up a consultation appointment or schedule a service call today.

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