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How Could a Ductless System Benefit You?


If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your existing HVAC system, you may have heard of a mini split or ductless system. We believe in providing our customers with the information they need to make the best decisions for their homes and their families. A ductless system is an unfamiliar concept to many people, so we’ll begin by explaining how it works and how it is installed, and then list some of the benefits you will enjoy if you decide it’s the right system for you.

Here in Washington, our weather has a pretty broad range. The winters are cold enough that we need reliable heating systems, and this past summer hit a record high in July. The ductless mini split is a system meant to address both needs as simply as possible.

How Does It Heat and Cool?

A ductless system is also known as a heat pump because it works by moving heat from one place to another. Like an air conditioner, it uses a compressor to move refrigerant through coils, absorbing heat in one area and releasing it in another. An air conditioner absorbs heat indoors and releases it outdoors. Unlike a simple air conditioner, though, the flow can be reversed. When the weather is too cool, heat can be absorbed for release indoors. It’s remarkable how much the temperature of your indoor air can be changed by the evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant in the coils, even on a cold winter day.

How Is the System Installed?

The ductless mini split has two components. The compressor is outside, and it is connected to the indoor air handlers with a conduit that contains the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain. All this can be contained in a narrow enough package that it only requires a small hole, generally three inches or less, to pass through. Indoors, the air handlers are placed where it is convenient for you and for the layout of your home, usually on the upper portion of walls. 

What Are the Benefits?

  • Convenience: The flexibility of the layout, the simplicity of the installation, and the ease of switching from cooling to heating are some of the major conveniences. You can even add to your home’s heating and cooling capacity as needed, expanding the system easily with additional air handlers. Also, a ductless mini split can be used even in a home that currently uses a ducted system, to bring heating and cooling to areas such as an addition to the home or an area that was previously unoccupied (an attic or garage) that you want to use as living space. 
  • Economic and Environmental: In a ducted system, the energy consumption caused by loss of heated or cooled air through ducts can be nearly a third of the energy used! With a ductless system, these losses are eliminated, easily reducing the impact of your heating and cooling on both your budget and the planet.

If you have more questions about ductless heat pump installation in Olympia, WA, our expert team would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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