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How a New Thermostat Can Help Improve Your Air Conditioning

Summer is here, and for some homeowners that means upgrading their air conditioning systems to keep up with the heat. Though there are many people who are willing to install new air conditioners in their homes, far fewer think to replace their thermostats, as well. Your thermostat is a very important part of your air conditioning system, and is vital to its operation. For that reason, you should consider upgrading it. Let’s take a look at the advantages you can gain by upgrading your thermostat.


Digital thermostats were a massive upgrade over the old mechanical models used in previous decades. They offered better controls, more sensitive equipment, and more overall options than the models they were meant to replace. As quick as people were to adopt digital models, though, many of them have not installed a new thermostat in up to a decade.

Newer digital thermostats are just as far removed from their early predecessors as they themselves were from manual models. By installing a new thermostat, you can make your own life much more convenient. Modern thermostats have settings for each day of the week, and even different times of the day, allowing you to have much more precise control over your climate.


A big benefit of installing a new thermostat is increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Modern thermostats are outfitted with much more sensitive sensors, which allows them to exert a much finer control over the air conditioner. This makes your air conditioner much more efficient, as it won’t be wasting output on rooms that have already reached the desired temperature.

If you’d like to install a new thermostat in your home, call Sunset Air. We install thermostats throughout Olympia, WA.

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