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Here’s Why You Should Maintain Your Generator!


There are a number of reasons you may experience a power outage. A power pole can be struck by a vehicle, in rare cases. In more common cases, stormy weather or even excessive heat requiring extended use of your AC can do the trick.

Chances are, you might not have to deal with many power outages over the course of your homeownership. But if you have to live through even just one, you’ll appreciate the convenience and reliability of a whole-house generator system. Of course, the only way to ensure its reliability is with routine generator maintenance. Why’s that?

Maintenance Catches Problems Early On

When it comes to appliances and pieces of important equipment, systems don’t always display obvious signs of a problem until they’ve had time to develop. With a heating system or air conditioner, that’s not a huge inconvenience or big deal. You may need to call for emergency repairs or have a replacement done but can get by for a short time without that one system.

A generator is a different story though! Allowing a generator problem to go undetected can make things worse. A generator is an emergency system, after all. It has to work when you need it. The last thing you need is to find out your generator has a problem when a power outage has always occurred and you can’t use your HVAC systems, refrigerator, or even medical devices that rely on electrical power.

Not to mention, trying to find your way around in the dark because your generator failed to turn on is no fun!

Preventive generator maintenance gives our technicians the opportunity to find potential problems in your system, and resolve them before they grow worse. Having this maintenance service done on a regular basis prevents the system from having more issues develop, and helps it run better! You could potentially save hundreds of dollars or more on repair costs over the life of your generator by scheduling preventive maintenance on an annual basis.

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Generator Maintenance?

You’ve probably seen us say that heating maintenance is best scheduled in the fall, and air conditioner maintenance in the spring, since these are the seasons right before you’ll need those systems the most.

You likely won’t have to use your generator often, but when you do it’s more likely to happen around storm season more than any other time of the year. That said, you’re typically best off to schedule this service when temperatures are at their mildest and weather is at its most neutral.

What’s more important than the timing of your generator maintenance is how often you have it done. Waiting too long between tune-ups can allow problems to fester into something worse. Just like any other important home comfort appliance, when a problem is ignored, it can create a domino effect inside the system, and leave you with even bigger problems than you started with.

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