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Heating Airflow Issues

One of the most common heating systems in the U.S. is forced-air heaters. Furnaces and heat pumps are both forced-air systems. These types of heaters use blowers to distribute warm air through a house, usually along ductwork—although heat pumps can be installed as ductless mini splits if the home does not already have ducts installed. Forced-air can efficiently heat a home, but they can suffer from malfunctions that will reduce their airflow.

Issues with airflow usually point to the need for professional repairs. There are a few steps you can take to make sure that user error isn’t responsible: check to see that vents are fully open, and examine the thermostat to see that it’s set correctly. (By the way, to dispel an old myth: shutting some vents in your house will not cause others to blow harder.)

Here are some reasons you may experience airflow problems with your heater. Call on Sunset Air for heating repair service in Olympia, WA that can remedy these issues:

Clogged air filters: This is the primary reason for a loss of airflow in a forced-air heater. The filter protects the internal components of a furnace or heat pump from dust and debris in the air. The filter should be changed every month during the heating season, otherwise the buildup of contamination could impede the airflow and possibly lead to debris infiltrating the heater. If you’ve gone too long without changing the filter, you should get a professional to check your heater to see if it has developed other problems.

Breaks and gaps in ductwork: The ductwork in your home is sealed all the way to the vent to prevent a loss of heat and air pressure. If breaks form along the ducts, the air pressure will drop. This will not only cut down on airflow, but it could cause the heater to start drawing colder air from other parts of the house, cutting into its heating power.

An improperly sized heater: This is the most serious problem, because it means your heater received a poor installation originally and will probably need replacement. If your heater has never given you sufficient airflow, than it’s likely too small to do the job. Get in a professional company to gauge the correct size of heater that you need and install it.

Sunset Air has been in the business of Olympia, WA heating repair since 1972—with our experience with repairs, we can have you back in a cozy home environment in no time. For airflow problems or anything else amiss with your heater, contact Sunset Air today.

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