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Have Kids? Follow These Window Safety Tips!


One of the many specialties we have here at Sunset Air is window installations and replacements. Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their windows to improve the aesthetics of their living space, curb appeal, and the value of their home. This is all fantastic!

If you have kids though, there is another important factor to keep in mind—safety.

Safety Precautions Prevent Tragedies

The weather is on its way to warming up, and it can be tempting to open your windows to let in a breeze. This in and of itself can be a safety risk, however, if you have small children. So what should you do to prevent falls from windows?

  • Ensure that all windows are closed and locked if you aren’t in the room. Kids can push windows open—even heavy ones!
  • When windows are open, only crack them about 4 inches or less. This prevents small children who enjoy climbing on further from squeezing through.
  • Install windows that open at the top, versus the bottom of the side, whenever possible. Kids have less ability to access them this way.
  • Don’t rely on screens! Screens are not strong enough to hold back even a small child from falling through.
  • Install window safety devices/child protection on your windows—even on the first floor of your home.
  • Move furniture that kids may climb on to get to your windows whenever possible.

The National Safety Council reminds homeowners of many of these safety tips as well, in addition to another one—don’t paint or nail your windows shut! It may be a window you never plan on opening, and you may think this is contributing to safety. But another way to look at that is, your windows do serve as an emergency escape route in case of fire or some natural disaster. It’s important to follow the above safety tips of course, but you don’t want to do it to your own detriment.

Any window guards you install should have a release mechanism for the same reason—they can be opened for escape in a fire or some other emergency.

Increase Your Security and Safety with New Windows

It’s vital that you follow the above-mentioned tips if you have kids, whether you have older windows or brand new windows. We want to share however, how you can boost safety and security by installing new windows too.

Safety-wise, newer windows are made in such a way that if they shatter, they’re made with tempered glass that won’t break and cut anyone.

Security-wise—stronger window panes prevent intruders from gaining access to your household. There are a number of other additions you can make to your home to ensure even more safety, like attaching alarms on the inside of your windows so if one is opened without you knowing, you’re alerted to it.

Keep your home and your family safe by paying attention to the steps above, and by upgrading your windows today!

For safe and effective Olympia window installation, contact Sunset Air!

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