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Furnace vs. Boilers: The Pros and Cons

Here in Olympia, WA, heating installation can take on many forms. Our wet weather creates a constant need for reliable heat, which can embrace a wide variety of systems from centralized furnaces to radiant heating installed beneath your floors. Two of the most popular types are gas furnaces, which push heated air though a system of ducts to warm your home, and boilers which use pipes of hot water to accomplish the same task. Which one is better? That depends on you circumstances. Here’s a quick breakdown of furnace vs. boilers: the pros and cons.

  • Cost. Gas furnaces tend to cost less to install than boiler systems, especially in homes which don’t have an existing ducts or piping system to handle the heat. Furnaces also cost less to maintain than boilers, since replacement parts tend to cost more than they do for furnaces. However, boilers are often less expensive to run from month to month, saving you on the cost of heating.
  • Comfort. Both systems can provide reliable heating for your home and family. However, because furnaces use forced air, you need to put up with some of the vagaries of air flow in order to enjoy it. Cold spots sometimes happen with furnaces, for instance, as do drafty spots in certain sections of the house. Boilers tend to heat the space more evenly than furnaces, and do so without any noise or breeze. They can also be fitted with zone control systems more easily than furnaces, allowing them to
  • Cleanliness. Boilers have the advantage in terms of cleanliness because they don’t rely on blown air, which means they don’t pass allergens and other contaminants through your home. That makes for better indoor air quality, and a cleaner overall environment.

The question of furnace vs. boilers: the pros and cons come down to cost. Furnaces are much cheaper to install and repair, and can still provide reliable heating in the bargain. How much that maters depends on you. Heating installation services in Olympia, WA like Sunset Air can give you strong advice on which system works best for you, then install that system with courtesy and care. Give us a call today to make an appointment!

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